Private Residential Development

Private Residential Development

Contract Value: in Excess of £7m
Size: 10,000sq ft
Duration: Ongoing / Currently in Planning
Magnum Projects Role: Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Property Management
Location: Kensington, London

Magnum Projects have been appointed to project manage and act as the client representative in this private development. We assembled the professional team to produce the design work and the necessary work for the planning stages. We have also produced a project budget for the construction works as well as Project Programme.

Oliphant Street

Project Value: in Excess of £100,000
Size: 300sq ft
Duration: Completed
Magnum Projects Role: Architecture, Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Cost Management
Location: Westminster, London

Magnum Projects carried out the Project Management and client representation role as well as the Architectural Design for this rear extension and the remodelling of the lower ground floor of this privately owned house. Magnum projects worked closely with an Interior designer Thomson Carpenter on delivering this wonderful extension for our happy clients.

Agdam City Stadium and Sports Complex

Project Value: Pre-Concept
Size: 382,000 sqm
Duration: Pre-Concept Proposal
Magnum Projects Role: Master Planning and Architectural Proposal
Location: Agdam, Azerbaijan

Magnum Projects’ proposal involves a 35 acre development in the heart of Agdam City, Azerbaijan. We worked closely with our partners in producing a dynamic  architectural site for the City Football Stadium, Olympic Complex and Club’s training grounds as well as various retail units incorporated into the site. This concept design is currently being considered by the Ministry of Sport in Azerbaijan.

Fernhurst Road

Project Value: Ongoing
Size: 2,690sq ft
Duration: Ongoing Property management
Magnum Projects Role: Property Management
Location: Hammersmith & Fulham, London

Magnum Projects are carrying out continuous maintenance and property management for our clients spending time overseas.

Fernhurst Road